Feb 4th, 2018 Update:

I have come back for some much-needed maintenance. Due to malware invading some of my files, I had to delete stuff. Trouble was, I’m a noob and deleted stuff that took away a lot of the bells and whistles I had carefully put in place over SEVERAL YEARS to make navigation easier. Another major issue was that my primary image host decided it wanted an insane amount of money to host to 3rd party sites, so I’ve had to (painfully) go through and replace the most important images. I don’t really have the time to return ALL of what used to be in place. After a few hours, I managed to restore some of my old sidebar widgets, but as you can see they haven’t come back perfectly. Aaaaand my footer decided to move into the sidebar for some unknown reason… because hey, it’s a freaking party.

It’s a work in progress, as many projects of love are.

Thanks for all of your support and love. Eikasia will come back!

–Illise Montoya


Eikasia is an online fiction novel free to read. To view what official e-books are available for purchase, please visit my author profile at Amazon. Incomplete drafts can be viewed on Google Drive. Early drafts as well as exclusive side stories are posted on this site.

Just starting the series? Been a while since you read the first installment?

Then you owe it to yourself to purchase the OFFICIAL e-book for book 1: Tributaries

Eikasia Tributaries Official Ebook Cover

Includes new scenes and new dialogue!

Update Schedule: Whenever possible! –Illise [Feb 4th, 2018.]

Written By: Illise Montoya

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Romance, LGBT, and a bit of razor edged Humor.

Rating: Mature (graphic violence, graphic sexual situations, and strong language) See below for trigger warnings.

Story Summary:

Nyx is an Ailuran, a feline shapeshifter, who chooses to live on the outskirts of life. Elmiryn is an unconventional warrior who seeks revenge. Both are cursed. When circumstance places them together to fight an enemy whose very existence is in question, they find uncommon allies, life-threatening adventures, and cerebral danger waiting.

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Author’s Note: I have no editor. No beta readers. Unlike other weblit authors, I post first draft work. The goal of the Eikasia project has always been to just write. To quote Art Arthur, a successful screenwriter: “Don’t get it right, get it written.” Free is free, and if you wish to be entertained, then this is certainly the story for you. Thank you for your understanding.  The editing process has come along slowly, but you can see what has been edited so far in the table of contents down below.
Possible Trigger Warnings: The world of Eikasia is rife with danger, and some of these dangers include sexual violence, cruel and unusual forms of punishment, and psychological abuse. Please take these warnings seriously, and if you’d like to email me with comments or questions please do so. The possible triggers in a nutshell:
  • Tributaries (book 1) is largely trigger free, excepting one possible scene that could trigger for a sexual abuse victim.
  • In Sight, In Mind (book 2) features cruel and unusual punishment, self-harm, and an increased level of violence.
  • Blackwood (book 3) features numerous different forms of sexual abuse, psychological abuse, self-harm, and a dramatic increase in violence. 

NOTE–This does not cover side stories, which are OPTIONAL to the series!

Returning reader?

Just feeling like skipping stuff? Want to start at a particular story arc? Click your choice:

Part I: Tributaries

Part II: In Sight, In Mind

Part III: Blackwood

Part IV: Strangers from a Storm


*NOTE: For some reason, my sorting plugin has ceased working for new posts, so the posts are listing in a descending order (most recent first) instead of an ascending order (oldest posts first). I’ll keep looking for a solution. Sorry for the mess! — I.M.

D1 = First draft, meaning it hasn’t been edited since it was first posted.
D2 = Second Draft, meaning I’ve gone back and tidied up grammar and spelling mistakes, taken care of continuity errors, and fine tuned plot direction.
D3 = Third Draft, meaning I’ve gotten whatever mistakes I missed the first time, and maybe added new dialogue/scenes.
IP = In Progress, meaning the chapter isn’t finished yet!
B = Bonus Updates, which are side stories focusing on a particular character or group, usually depicting some aspect of their past. These stories WERE (as in no longer) earned either through a bonus points system or every 10 facebook fans. These originally weren’t necessary to read, but are now highly recommended, and are best read in the order they appear in the table of contents.
INT = Intermission, stories written between story parts so that my mind can take a rest.  Sometimes centers around characters not typically seen during the main story.


Creative Commons License
Eikasia by Illise Montoya is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at eighthcirclestudios.com.