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Main Characters

A cursed warrior, she seeks revenge against the astral demon known only as Meznik. Her curse affects her ability to believe in images and ascertain their meaning. This has caused deterioration in her ability to reason, her ability to keep memories, and her sense of connection to life. By chance, she came across Nyx when the girl was in serious trouble and rescued her. She offered her protection in exchange for Nyx’s company.

At first glance, one might attempt to write the woman off as simple-minded and shallow. The truth of it is that beneath her extrovert personality lies a brooding creature. Though she is a determined individual with a cavalier attitude about death and the unknown, Elmiryn fears that her condition will leave her in a place of irreversible solitude and alienation. In light of this, she tries to find appreciation in all that she sees, usually through humor. Sometimes she does this in ways that feel bizarre or inappropriate, especially to Nyx. Despite her damaged perception, the warrior makes every attempt to analyze the situations she is cast therein and weigh the pros and cons. Her ability to do this quickly is a skill learned whilst on the battlefield–but she has been known to have a “gambling” side of sorts that revels in the uncertainty of a situation.

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Elmiryn has admitted to feeling attracted to Nyx, though the extent of her feelings have yet to be discovered. Whatever the truth of it, the woman regards her Ailuran companion as someone very important to her–and while their personalities and personal problems can cause friction, Elmiryn delights in Nyx’s intelligence, dry humor, and impulsive compassion.

As a former captain of a company of dragoons in the Fiamman army, Elmiryn appreciates strength, but more than that, a sense of honor. Her concept of honor is a complicated one, however. She is not given to escapades of compassion, but also dislikes seeing the strong prey on the weak. In turn, she believes each individual should be self-reliant to a reasonable degree, and never hide behind others to do their bidding. For each action, a person must be ready to take responsibility for it. Loyalty, she feels immensely important–but also conditional. To have a person’s loyalty, one has to earn it. “And,” she would add with a cheeky grin. “Wisdom over honesty…because nitwits tend to mistake ‘honesty’ with opening their mouth when it’s not required!”

Since Gamath, her condition has worsened–causing her to “hallucinate” and entertain delusional thoughts more than before. She teeters near the edge of sanity, sometimes able to reason herself away from disastrous decisions, and other times needing the help of Nyx to guide her. When aiding the journeyman enchantress Lethia Artaud in her attempts to save her teacher and surrogate mother, Syria, the warrior faced greater problems in processing the situation before her. When left alone with an injured prison guard, Elmiryn killed him, believing it somehow necessary. The others have yet to discover her actions, or the extent of her decayed reasoning power.

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Quincy, Elmiryn, and Sedwick have lain the Dwarves of Albias to rest.  As their reward, each have been offered their pick of special arcane items.  Elmiryn has taken as her prize, a jeweled dagger that, when unsheathed, mutes all sound around her in a small radius–all save for whatever noises she makes.  She also decided for a silver whistle, that to the touch feels like safety, and which seems to be only audible to certain people, not including her.

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Whilst in Fiamma, Elmiryn learned from Meznik that she was being changed into a fae.  The fae are powerful Fairy Folk who seem to live life by their own rules, defying the laws of nature when it suits them.  Since her experiences in the dwarven colony, Elmiryn has gained access to strange powers that allows her to control basic components of the physical world, including, but not limited to:  air, water, and dirt/dust.

The downside to all of this is that the warrior is now taking on all of the qualities of a fae, which include their spiritual ban to never drink a drop of alcohol.  It is said one taste turns a fae creature into a mindless addict.  Unfortunately, the warrior, unaware of all this at the time, imbibed wine, creating a great and sudden need for drink.  She suffers from nausea, dizziness, weakness, chills, and shaky hands whenever she doesn’t have some alcohol in her system.  Currently, Elmiryn is struggling to find a way to control the urge somehow and still remain functional.  But along with the new physical problems are mental obstacles that previously hadn’t existed before.  Though disgusted by it, the warrior can’t help but feel her urges getting the better of her…

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Currently: All matters in Fiamma dealt with, the newly formed group of Quincy, Sedwick, Elmiryn, and Nyx proceeded onto the next shard.  Their next destination turned out to be the South-Eastern forests of the Sibesona, where the Lycans live.  Upon arrival, they were immediately captured and escorted to the nearest Lycan village, where they were presented before none other than Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.

After a short conversation, they had been enlisted in the hunting efforts of an evil beast in exchange for safe passage onto the next shard.  On their way from speaking to Artemis, the group were surprised to meet Hakeem, who had been changed into a young boy.  Elmiryn’s resolve against her sudden addiction is weakening, and whilst drunk yet again, she has come to reveal a sort of resentment toward, not just Halward, but the pantheon at large.

  • Current Age:  25-years-old
  • Likes: Fighting, chocolate, dancing, music, drinking, sports, and nature.
  • Dislikes: The opportunistic, vanity, pretense, and defeatist attitudes.
  • Skills of Note: Archery, staff fighting, swordsmanship, fencing, pugilism, and tracking.

First Appearance | Elmiryn POV Chapters


Nyx: She is an outcast among her people, the Ailurans, a therian race of feline shapeshifters. She was saved by Elmiryn when cornered by a mob of angry farmers at the village of Toah. Now she finds herself given the task of keeping an unstable warrior from the brink of destruction–and of course, dodging her own untimely demise as well.

She feels immense guilt and shame for her past, and finds it hard to talk about this with others. Elmiryn is the first person Nyx has fully confessed to after nearly two years of keeping her sorrow to herself. Branded on her back is a Mark–a brand imbued with an arcane spell that causes her agony whenever she shapeshifts. It also prevents her from entering the sacred grounds of her goddess, Aelurus.

Though extremely reluctant at first, Nyx has come to regard Elmiryn as a very special friend. She even admits to being physically attracted to her. In many ways, the girl feels intimidated by Elmiryn’s self-confidence and physical nature, but in other ways she admires the freedom such attitudes afford.

Though she loathes violence, Nyx has found herself forced to actively utilize her strength in ways she hadn’t before. With every dangerous struggle, she is becoming stronger and more decisive.

Nyx Spoilers »

In her youth, Nyx had been a very clever and curious child, if a bit sullen. She was generally disliked by her peers, but had two friends who were also on the fringe–Taila and Ampelos. Never malicious, the girl sometimes “bent” the rules, getting into mischief due to her insatiable need to understand the world around her.

After the death of her older brother Thaddeus at the age of 14, Nyx found herself taking his place as the provider for her family. When her mother’s physical and emotional health began to deteriorate, the girl’s duties expanded to include that of surrogate mother to her younger brother Atalo. At this point, Nyx had become a very serious and doting person, one whose devotion to her family was rivaled only by her idealistic views for society.

The girl joined the Ipogius, a resistance group of Ailurans who disagreed with the decisions of the Illuminati. Through guile and hard work, she infiltrated the deepest offices of the Nation, and was able to procure a copy of an upcoming draft list. On it was her brother Atalo. Horrified, the girl tried to take her brother and flee, but an attack from a Cerrite, a hunter of criminals, ruined this. Though the siblings were able to defeat the Cerrite, Nyx was stabbed by his poisonous blade and went into fever. Atalo tried to care for her in a nearby outpost, but Nyx, caught in fever dreams, shifted to the war form, Ekilluous. When she next awoke, Atalo had been torn apart and the Cerrite were beating down the door. Not long after that, she received the Mark and her mother died from grief.

Nyx nearly killed herself from the shame and agony, but a long-time acquaintance saved her: Marquis, the elf merchant–or Marq for short. In her youth, the girl had bought all of her books from the man, who was always involved in criminal-related troubles. Now reformed and seeking a new life, the elf cared for Nyx against her will, nursing her back to health after months of starvation and dehydration. When trouble came to them, he sacrificed his life to make certain she would continue living. It was Marquis who had given Nyx the idea to travel eastward, leading the youth to meet Elmiryn…

Given these hardships, the strong and hopeful Nyx had been lost. It was only recently that the nineteen-year-old had begun to rediscover this person, though her self-loathing still runs deep.

Since Gamath, the Ailuran has trained with Elmiryn in self-defense and general pugilism. The rigorous work done, coupled with the harrowing experiences she suffered whilst seeking out the Medwin river guardian, has begun to bring her to a point where she sees physical conflict as inevitable, if not necessary. It can, too, perhaps be that the girl feels the need to rely on herself more than her animal counterpart–given the unstable state of her spirit and the dangerous times ahead of her.

Since Tiesmire, Nyx has found her compassion expanding to include Lethia Artaud, a journeyman enchantress she and Elmiryn encountered during their travels. She has become attached to the girl, and feels a great need to help her. Against her will, her heart also goes out to Paulo, whom she dislikes for the most part, but through her experiences a bridge has been created leading her to sympathize with the boy’s pain. Given Elmiryn’s worsened condition and the new complications presented in Albias, a confidence has started to grow. Nyx has started to rediscover what it’s like caring for others and using her skills actively towards a higher-minded goal.

Their adventures in Albias has also brought the therian into a great deal of conflict with her animal counterpart, bringing about the second case of switched limbs. But whilst in Belcliff, the two were forced to work together, and through this cooperation, a shaky respect has been formed in the name of self-preservation. Nyx still holds no love for her animal counterpart, and the same can be said the other way around, but an intense face-off revealed the possibility of their not being only two, but three separate personalities…

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 Newly christened as Lacertli’s champion, Nyx has done his bidding.  She has freed the tormented souls of the Kreut Forest, as well as defeated the black nymphs and the pretas that plagued it.  As they left the shard, they were attacked by a strange being that Nyx could not look at full on.  Lacertli chased the creature off, but felt that he needed to hide her.  With his power, the god sent Nyx to the Fiamman Kingdom–likely fully aware of the irony and possible danger.

There, Nyx met Tristi, a real Legend, and the champion of Fortuna, the goddess of luck.  Though their first meeting was marked with chaos and violence, the Ailuran has decided to trust the stranger–for the time being.  Her trust rewards her, when Tristi claims to know of Farrel’s whereabouts.

The champion of luck lead the girl to a brothel known as The Big Brick, making a bet with her that he “would not do anything to lead to her death”.  Inside, Nyx faced her inner demons. She reconciled with the lascivious, jealous, and co-dependent nature of her mother, noting that she loved the woman despite seeing her in such light, and that perhaps some of those traits were in her as a daughter too.  This last point became especially clear when Nyx found herself lured into an old sexual fantasy of hers, involving her former best friend, Taila.  It is revealed that Nyx had always had feelings for Taila, but had never said anything because she believed the other girl had loved Thaddeus.

But Nyx shattered the fantasy, stating that her heart now belonged to another.  She demanded that the false Taila make her true nature be known.  Thus, Volo appeared, shedding the skin of his disguise.  The giant horned lust spirit spoke briefly with the girl before demanding that she and Tristi leave.  Nyx stubbornly refused, determined to find Farrel again.  Volo eventually agreed to take the girl to the halfling…but once the two were reunited, the spirit revealed that he had raped the man, filling him with his essence so that the Golden Seekers, Poena, Praxidice, and Erinyes would eat him instead of Volo.  Annoyed from Nyx’s inquiries, he decided he wished to rape her as well.  Both Farrel and Nyx managed to escape before this happened.

Once outside, Tristi took them to safety, also taking the time to dutifully remind Nyx that she had lost her bet to him and now owed him a favor.  But conversation was cut short when they found they had to run once more, this time from the Golden Seekers, who turned out to be three golden dragons.  Along the way, they ran into Elmiryn.  Nyx was beyond relieved, and is now determined to keep from being separated again.

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Currently: All matters in Fiamma dealt with, the newly formed group of Quincy, Sedwick, Elmiryn, and Nyx proceeded onto the next shard.  Their next destination turned out to be the South-Eastern forests of the Sibesona, where the Lycans live.  Upon arrival, they were immediately captured and escorted to the nearest Lycan village, where they were presented before none other than Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.

After a short conversation, they had been enlisted in the hunting efforts of an evil beast in exchange for safe passage onto the next shard.  On their way from speaking to Artemis, the group were surprised to meet Hakeem, who had been changed into a young boy.  Nyx is uneasy around so many Lycans, and she hopes to leave soon.

  • Current Age:  19-years-old
  • Likes: The night, water, eating, sleeping, being in high places, and books.
  • Dislikes: Loud noises, cold days, aggressive men, dogs, violence, losing self-control, and seeing others suffer.
  • Skills of Note: Dodging, stealth, infiltration, pick-pocketing, and broad general knowledge.

First Appearance | Nyx POV Chapters

Hakeem pictureHakeem: A quiet man, with dark chocolate skin and brooding eyes. In his youth, he had been a very volatile young man with no real hope for the future other than to survive; at one point, even living the life of a pirate. Today, he’s a professional bounty hunter, and a wizard–a magic user who specializes in magical items and passive divination. The extent of his abilities are still unknown, but he has been through much and his skills appear very broad. So far, readers know that his chainmail is enchanted, and changes to become black plate armor capable of manipulating space and time. The armor’s ability to do this is limited as Hakeem can only teleport along created “paths” and he can only go back in time as far as he can exactly measure. In the latter case, it helps that he has a special attention to time and has an above average ability to count and keep track of passing intervals. Though he strives for a great amount of self-control, deep down he harbors strong feelings for his partner, wife, and childhood friend, Quincy. He was working on capturing Lethia for a bounty, but a recent encounter with Elmiryn and Nyx has changed plans for him and his partner both.

Hakeem Spoilers »

After being captured by Elmiryn, Nyx, and the Moretti brothers for a short time, Hakeem escaped after Arduino left to pin the prison break on the wizard and his partner. After he convinced Argos that he was better as an ally than an enemy, the two traveled into Belcliff–and there the man’s motivation gained a greater purpose. As a magic user, he was taught to mend abnormal magic as he encountered it–both as a moral and practical principle (black magic can interfere with spells of any sort). He caught up with Elmiryn and Graziano, and while he had to argue his case at gun point, the man was allowed to join Elmiryn and Co.–so far he hasn’t gone back on his word.

Hakeem Spoilers »

After being sucked into Syria’s alter-dimensional portal, Hakeem had landed in the South-Eastern forests of the Sibesona, where the Lycans reside.  As is the nature of the Other Place, everyone has been separated, and in turn, they themselves divided, leaving something of theirs to be recovered elsewhere.  In the case of Hakeem, the thing he had lost was his age.  He is now a young boy, roughly between the age of 11-13.  He has been reunited with Quincy, and seems glad to see his wife no longer under Tonatiuh’s influence.

First Appearance | Hakeem POV Chapters

Quincy: She is a cold woman–so much so that it seems unnerving. Even Hakeem, who seeks to control his emotions, finds her ability to detach completely from the world as excessive. There are few things that can rattle Quincy–one of which being something she only refers to as “the chronicles”…

Quincy is a bounty hunter and a wizard. She’s also married to Hakeem. Just like her husband, not much is known about the extent of her abilities, but she has been shown to hold an affinity towards light–particularly that of the suns. Previously, she was focused on capturing Lethia for a bounty, but after an encounter Hakeem had with Elmiryn and Nyx, she has readjusted to include the women in her efforts. For what, remains unseen.

Quincy Spoilers »

But Quincy was not always the cold and decisive hunter she is today. She wasn’t even a blond. In her youth, the woman had been a spirited, self-conscious, impulsive, and clumsy brunette. Ambition led her to do away with these things, which she came to see as weaknesses. While her knack for getting deeply involved in complex situations seems very much alive, the humor and absurdity she once seemed so naturally inclined toward has been replaced with deadly struggles for power and chilling corruption.

Quincy wields the golden sword named “Tonatiuh” which draws on light as a source of its power. The sword seems possessed by a sentient spirit that seeks to consume the woman, and it has been suggested that their tenuous relationship is the reason the wizard buries her emotions so deep. Tonatiuh feeds off of Quincy’s passion, and for every mistake the sword grows closer to its ultimate goal of spiritual domination. Still, the one emotion the woman has shown is a sort of competitive side that despises defeat and finds satisfaction in victory. Her battle with Elmiryn in Belcliff is a sore point for her, as she’ll tell you she was NOT defeated, she just made a tactical choice to withdraw.

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Quincy, along with Elmiryn and Sedwick, have lain the Dwarves of Albias to rest.  As their reward, each have been offered their pick of special arcane items.  Quincy had taken as her prize both a pair of boots, whose power has yet to be revealed, and an earring which alerts her of relevant information she needs to be aware of.

Her approximate age is 30-years-old.  Quincy doesn’t know when her actual birthdate is because her father, Jack, hadn’t been present at her birthing, and her mother, name unknown, died when she was young.

Tobias was her surrogate-uncle.  She was the “fledgeling” referenced in his tales.

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Currently: Tonatiuh has been destroyed.  Quincy is still in a bit of shock over this new development, but has managed to rouse herself to keep moving.  Upon the spirit’s death at the jaws of Praxidice, the golden dragon, certain items that Tonatiuh had once consumed had been restored.  Quincy has reclaimed her old lightning staff, a wand called the Wand of Beasts that can both conjure animals and transform people into animals, a boomerang called Eate’s Son that conjures small tornadoes, and her Ring of Living Death.

All matters in Fiamma dealt with, the newly formed group of Quincy, Sedwick, Elmiryn, and Nyx proceeded onto the next shard.  Their next destination turned out to be the South-Eastern forests of the Sibesona, where the Lycans live.  Upon arrival, they were immediately capture and escorted to the nearest Lycan village, where they were presented before none other than Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.

After a short conversation, they had been enlisted in the hunting efforts of an evil beast in exchange for safe passage onto the next shard.  On their way from speaking to Artemis, the group were surprised to meet Hakeem, who had been changed into a young boy.  Quincy fainted from the shock.

First Appearance | Quincy POV Chapters


Supporting Characters

Her: Nyx’s bestial counterpart. “She” is referred to in many ways, including (but not limited to): The Other, The Twin, Animal, Beast, and Cat. Prior to joining Elmiryn’s quest, She was confined only to when Nyx transformed into her most animal of forms. But after the adventure in Gamath, She has somehow become more autonomous, and isn’t keen on giving up her newfound freedom. Though her propensity towards aggression may cause one to think she is somehow brave, the Beast is simply a self-preservationist with little boundaries. She despises Nyx, often disagreeing with her counterpart’s decisions–yet her feelings toward Elmiryn are ambiguous at best. She recognizes the warrior’s strength, but takes issue with following the woman into danger. Still, she tolerates Elmiryn if only because of the food she provides.

First Appearance | Her POV Chapters

Sedwick: A blacksmith from Gamath. When the city turned desolate, Sedwick stayed behind to protect those too poor and weak to leave. He was a capable man, at times weighed down by his own prejudices, but who always meant well. He gave Baldwin a home after the boy’s family died, and felt entirely responsible for him. He also felt responsible for the death of Aidan, a mercenary who had traveled to speak with the river guardian only to be turned into a half-crazed spiritual monster. He joins Elmiryn and Nyx in their attempt to speak with the river guardian.

Sedwick Spoilers »

While in the river guardian’s cave, the man suffered the same fate as Aidan. Later, Elmiryn and Nyx returned to find that Sedwick had, by the grace of the guardian, been restored to good health and sanity…but this came at a price. As his spirit had been permanently joined to the river guardian, the man has now become half human, half elemental.

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He had reunited with Elmiryn after she entered a go-between realm for spirits and somehow ended up back in Gamath. He seems to have adjusted well to his new life.

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Currently: All matters in Fiamma dealt with, the newly formed group of Quincy, Sedwick, Elmiryn, and Nyx proceeded onto the next shard.  Their next destination turned out to be the South-Eastern forests of the Sibesona, where the Lycans live.  Upon arrival, they were immediately capture and escorted to the nearest Lycan village, where they were presented before none other than Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.

After a short conversation, they had been enlisted in the hunting efforts of an evil beast in exchange for safe passage onto the next shard.  On their way from speaking to Artemis, the group were surprised to meet Hakeem, who had been changed into a young boy.  Sedwick seems the one most at ease with the situation, having dealt with the Lycans before.

First Appearance

Taila: One of Nyx’s first friends.  Last seen still living back in the Ailuran village of Tosmai.

Taila Spoilers »

Also Nyx’s first love.  The girl came from a family of soldiers-turned-honey-farmers.  She was tough and tomboyish, being something of a living tall tale among the young Ailurans.  Taila is bossy, but in a goodnatured way, and doesn’t swallow down injustice very easily.  She has often lead Nyx and Ampelos in campaigns against their hated rival, Killen, resulting in plenty of hijinks.  

It was said that she had a crush on Nyx’s older brother, Thaddeus.

Though Alvis may have spared Nyx the starting blocks to become a free thinker, it can be assumed that Taila was the one who taught the girl how to fight back against things that are wrong.

First Appearance

Ampelos:  One of Nyx’s first friends.  Last seen still living back in the Ailuran village of Tosmai.

Ampelos Spoilers »

Loved Nyx, but was rejected.  Ampelos was a priest-in-training, though now he has likely been promoted to a full priest.  As a child, he had been overly shy and not a little weak, but exceptionally kind as well.  He was often Taila’s shadow.

When Nyx was condemned to receive the Mark, it was Ampelos that carved it into her skin.  Taila later told Nyx that the man could not sleep or eat for the guilt and trauma of the act.

First Appearance

Alvis: Nyx’s father.  Whereabouts unknown.

Alvis Spoilers »

Alvis was a social advocate, speaking vehemently against any wrongs he saw being committed against freedom of speech, a person’s right to privacy, and a person’s right to choose…which turned out to be a lot of things in the Ailuran Nation.  His passion was likely what drew Fotini to him, and his efforts to help the people what likely inspired Thaddeus.

When Nyx was only five years old, the man left on a journey to gain more knowledge.  He was never seen or heard from again.  In his wake, he left his great collection of foreign books—this being the one thing that he passed on to his only daughter.

Fotini: Nyx’s young mother.  Deceased.  

Fotini Spoilers »

Often frazzled, and sometimes grumpy.  She had a hard time separating her needs from those of her family’s, and was often overwhelmed with the job as a single parent.  Despite this, she loved her children, and though she sometimes complained of it, she loved each of their quirks and oddities.  She worked as a fabric weaver when she wasn’t at home caring for her family.  

Fotini was once a beautiful young woman who relished the attentions of suitors, but with family came responsibilities, and sometimes the woman resented that she had to do everything alone.  To escape her troubles, she often engaged in promiscuous activities with young men, even going so far as to bring them to her home.  She argued at length with her eldest son, Thaddeus, about her behavior.  She was unapologetic, and didn’t seem to realize the effect she was having on Nyx, who witnessed her acts more than once.  

Upon learning of Atalo’s death at the hands of Nyx, Fotini died of grief.

First Appearance

Thaddeus: Nyx’s big brother, older by at least five years.  Considered a war hero of the Ailuran Army, he fought against the Fiamman forces in the heartlands of the Sibesona.  Deceased.

Thaddeus Spoilers »

A natural born fighter, Thaddeus knew his strengths and his limits.  He was a nationalist at heart, and though he didn’t always agree with what the Ailuran Nation did, he was very loyal.  The issue for him wasn’t whether or not the government was corrupt, it was whether or not the people had a strong and honest man protecting them.

He struggled for years to fill the role his father had left open in his family, hoping that his father would come back someday.  In many ways he was more of a father to Nyx and Atalo than Alvis ever was.  He tried to teach Nyx and Atalo how to defend themselves—particularly his sister, as she was a constant target for bullying.

Being a proud Ailuran, Thaddeus didn’t care much for outside literature, fearing it would erode his value as an Ailuran man.  To see his little sister read so much of such things made the young man upset, and he tried to discourage her habits.

Thaddeus died on the battlefield when Nyx was fourteen years old.

First Appearance

Atalo:  Nyx’s little brother, who was younger by three years.  Was an eccentric and hyper boy who liked to rough house with his older sister.  He hated being left behind or left out of things.  Deceased.

Atalo Spoilers »

When Atalo turned fifteen, he was drafted into the Ailuran army’s infantry.  Nyx, who had been doing undercover work for the resistance, found out about this before he was to march.  Abandoning her efforts as a spy, the girl tried to take Atalo and flee, but a Cerrite caught up with them.  The hunter stabbed Nyx with a poisoned blade, and the girl fell ill.  Atalo tried to care for his sister, but it was in vain.  Whilst in the throes of fever, Nyx accessed that hidden part of her spirit called Ekilluos that made her change into a ferocious beast.  Atalo, unable to fend himself against his sister’s fever-induced rage, was torn apart.

First Appearance

Brianna: Elmiryn’s mother.

Brianna Spoilers »

Brianna is a noble woman who despises the court games enacted by her fellows, but plays along with them so as to be left in peace.  She is the nucleus that her family truly seems to revolve around, as she is a great motivation for both Warner and Elmiryn.

A mild eccentric, Brianna took delight in odd things, likely a tactic learned to escape the boredom of being a noble woman.  She could laugh at the smallest thing, and made a point to laugh during times of sadness–which was quite often, given the nature of her marriage.  The strain of pretending to be someone she wasn’t sometimes showed its wear on Brianna, striking up concerns in her daughter.  Its been suggested that she is of a weak constitution.

More Brianna Spoilers »

It was revealed that Brianna, after suffering a great deal of embarrassment and being sent into poverty, had finally left Warner.  Her current whereabouts are unknown.

First Appearance

Warner:  Elmiryn’s father.

Warner Spoilers »

Head of the Manard House, Warner is a controlling, stubborn, power-hungry man.  He’s a retired high-ranking officer of the Fiamman army, and sought to push Elmiryn into places of power through a successful military career.

More Warner Spoilers »

Warner felt cheated of his bloodline’s legacy.  Raised on the stories of Diokles and Aesutan, the man felt that he was entitled to greatness.  When time showed him that glory was not to be his, the man fell into a dark place.  Then one day Meznik approached him in dreams, and promised the Manard name to be launched into the heavens if he gave the demon his first born child.   Shortly after that, he met Brianna, fell in love, and Elmiryn was born.  Undeterred by the fact that Elmiryn was a girl, he carried out the demon’s will.  First he planted a tree with some of his blood.  Then he waited until the time was right.  Upon seeing the indomitable and almost wild spirit that was in his daughter, the man immediately had her sent off for training, and as her military career began, did all he could to see her promoted.  She climbed the ranks until she was stonewalled by the High General.  Determined that greatness would be hers, he had her placed as bodyguard to Princess Cailean, unaware that doing so would lead to a chain of events that would see him and his wife stripped of title, honor, and nearly all worldly possessions.

Warner was last seen fleeing Elmiryn’s private home in the Fiamman city of Malvene, his left eye having been slashed by a piece of glass after his daughter attacked him upon learning the true origins of her curse.

First Appearance

Saelin:  Elmiryn’s best friend.

Saelin Spoilers »

Also her First Lieutenant back in the Fiamman army.  As the woman’s second in command, the man was strong, determined, and honorable.  Both he and Elmiryn bonded upon first being enlisted, and through luck and effort, managed to work together in a great deal of missions.

More Saelin Spoilers »

It was revealed that Saelin is gay, though closeted due to anti-gay sentiments in the military.  His nature perhaps explains his ability to bond with Elmiryn, who was so open about her sexuality.


The last these two had spoken, Saelin had asked Elmiryn to marry him, that way they could live their lives in peace and not be bothered by their families.  The woman gave him a black eye in response.

Saelin was last seen on leave back in the city of Engus.  His current whereabouts are unknown.

First Appearance

Tobias: Not much is known about Tobias aside from the stories contained in his book. Nyx recieved the book from him during a chance meeting in Toah. In it are his thoughts, as well as handwritten stories of three Legends–Earth, Wind, and Flame.

Flame : A character in Tobias’ tales. Flame is a passionate woman who is at times overtaken by prejudice and anger, but is not without her warm compassionate side. She is impatient, and prefers straightforward action to trickery and mind games. She hails from the Indabe continent, specifically the kingdom of the sands. She often bickers with Earth, irritated by what she percieves as stubborness and slow wittedness. Her weapons of choice are twin sabers.

Wind: A character in Tobias’ tales. Wind loves travel, adventure, and women. His exact origins are hidden. At his best, his breezy attitude is enough to cool Flame’s anger and lighten Earth’s melancholy, yet at times his nature can stir Flame’s ire and make a stubborn old man of Earth. He is restless, and cannot cease to move. At one point, he left his companions behind when they felt they needed a rest from their adventures, even going so far as to leave Earth to care for his only daughter. His weapon of choice is a long sword.

Earth: A character in Tobias’ tale. Earth is a quiet, contemplative man. He is patient, observant, and steadfast in his ideals. Between his mercurial companions, he serves as the anchor of the trio, and ends bickering with a firm deep voice. He has an incredible sense of responsibility and honor, and works hard to protect things he loves. It is never said where he comes from. His weapon of choice is a heavy wooden staff.

Tobias Spoilers »

Tobias was Quincy’s surrogate uncle.  The stories he wrote turned out to be at least partly autobiographical.  He was “Earth” in the tales, and it is assumed that he truly is a Legend—specifically, the champion of Tellus.

It was revealed by Tristi that Tobias is traveling eastward to the Indabe, to speak with the Queen of the Sands.

First Appearance

Jack: Said to once be Tobias’s closest friend.

Jack Spoilers »

Jack is Quincy’s father, and also a Legend.  He is the champion of Njord and can command the winds at will.  The character of “Wind” from Tobias’s tales was based on him.  He currently battles sea monsters in the Hellas, resulting in the storms that people have been talking about along the coasts.

Lethia Artaud: A young enchantress with wavy wheat blonde hair, bright green eyes, and a strong sense of loyalty. She is barely fifteen years old, yet she’s extremely intelligent and has a strong opinion of right and wrong. She loathes being underestimated, misinterpreted, or disregarded and has no reservations in showing someone the error of their ways, even standing up to Elmiryn more than once when the woman’s teasing and criticism crossed a line. On other matters where she’s less certain, however, Lethia can be reduced to a great deal of uncertainty and fear. Sometimes she feels the need to offer up information, unsolicited–though she isn’t trying to show off. This is likely due to her unfortunate handicap–her inherent power blocks out portions of her memory at all times. The power always shifts, and while it typically has been spread out through her mind, it has been known to collect together, blocking out large chunks of Lethia’s memory–such as her childhood, how to talk, or even something as simple as how to breathe. This power also seems to go on to affect her eyesight, preventing her from making direct eye contact with others lest she steal their thoughts and memories. To prevent this, she wore special glasses that shaded her gaze.

Lethia Spoilers »

She had a bounty on her head, and was sought by a number of individuals–Quincy and Hakeem included. Despite the clear stress this has had on her, the girl’s naive bravery and powerful loyalty to rescue her mistress, Syria, outshined all obstacles. Previously she had sought the help of adventurers to break Syria free, but after being turned down by Elmiryn and Nyx, she became determined to do this alone.

The girl was in luck, however, when Elmiryn and Nyx decided to help her due to a suspicion that the problems that initially led to Syria’s incarnation could be related to Meznik. When traveling to Holzoff’s, the girl suffered a near-fatal injury, but was saved by a brutal, yet effective use of bonding liquid typically used on scultones. The wound was a cut from a daesce, an ape-like monster, that sliced across her chest leaving her permanently deformed. Despite this, the girl pushed on, making it into the tower and finally reuniting with her mistress. But upon Syria’s release, things quickly fell apart. The master enchantress turned out to be guilty of everything she had been accused of, and worse yet, she had used Lethia as a puppet to aid her. While the girl had no recollection of this, her subconscious remembered, leading to the outbreak of nightmares and unrest that plagued Albias shortly before Syria was taken away. It was also revealed that the girl’s handicap with her eyes was Syria’s doing, likely to isolate the girl and to put a cap on her powers. Quincy and Elmiryn speculated, seperately, that Lethia must be of exceptional power for Syria to use her but still limit her growth as an enchantress.

First Appearance

Argos: Lethia’s loyal dog. He is extremely protective of her, and holds her in the highest regard. He is massive, the size of an adolescent black bear, and sometimes seems to forget just how large he is. The reason for his size has yet to be explained, but he uses it to his advantage as Lethia’s personal bodyguard. Argos’, being Lethia’s chosen familiar, is much more intelligent than an average dog, and can communicate with his owner through telepathy. Though he thinks in pictures, he still understands things spoken to him. When attempting to speak with anyone besides Lethia, he uses body language to the best of his ability.

First Appearance

Paulo Moretti: The youngest of the Moretti brothers. He is rude, though he lacks malice, and he can be superficial. He can be melodramatic and lose sight of everyone’s problems but his own, and his open mindedness could use with improvement–but the fifteen year old means well, and will fess up to faults once someone gets through to him. Paulo has been bounty hunting for only a short time–less than a year–but was an eager learner and a confident fighter. In pursuing Lethia Artaud, however, he has come to suffer under some sort of spiritual poisoning that causes him to lose time and have terrible nightmares…all of which involve images of a malignant tree and a haunting song. His ailment also seems to bring him a sort of constant bodily pain, like multiple sclerosis. Additionally, his eyes, from time to time, blur out his surroundings, leaving only a certain direction free and clear. It didn’t take much for Paulo to realize that this “forced vision” was directing him back to where his spiritual poisoning first began–Syria’s tower.

Paulo Spoilers »

After Quincy stole Lethia Artaud from him and his brothers, the boy decided that he wished to help Elmiryn and Nyx rescue Lethia, then aid the girl in freeing her mistress. He wanted a cure from the unusual curse he suffered. What he got instead was a complete betrayal on the part of Syria. Upon her release, the enchantress chose Paulo as her final sacrifice for her long-term spell and burned symbols into his entire body. Fortunately Elmiryn managed to interrupt the ritual, and the boy was still alive, though unconscious when Syria’s portal opened…

First Appearance

Graziano Moretti: The second oldest of the Moretti brothers, and the most optimistic. Upon meeting Elmiryn and Nyx, he was goofy and charming. He was a womanizer, but sensitive at heart, and extremely clever. He knew many things about magic, though he wasn’t a magic user himself, and he cared very much for his family. Often, Graziano disagreed with Arduino when it came to Paulo.

Graziano Spoilers »

When Quincy stole Lethia Artaud away, Graziano decided to help Elmiryn and Nyx find and free the enchantresses so that his brother Paulo could get well. This was the first time he ever directly went against Arduino’s orders, for the man previously only ever disagreed with him verbally. It led to a split in the family, and while it pained Graziano greatly, his priority was in taking care of his youngest brother. This was due to a promise he had given to his father, shortly before he had died.

More Graziano Spoilers »

When Syria revealed herself to be the half-crazed murderer she had been accused of being, Graziano cracked. Up until their arrival at Holzoff’s, the man struggled to keep upbeat and focused–but pain over Arduino’s betrayal stole away his vitality. Upon seeing Paulo’s gruesome wounds, the man went into a sort of rage, losing his sharpness and attention. Despite Quincy’s warning about the deteriorated spell Syria had begun, Graziano pulled out his pistol–and for the first time in his life, fired his gun with the intent to kill.

He fired three times. One bullet entered Syria’s body. Then the enchantress stopped the other two, and these she launched back at him–piercing his head and his heart. The man was dead before he hit the ground, and with his life and blood–the magic ritual was complete. As Paulo’s sibling, he was enough of a substitute for the magic to work, and upon his death, a portal opened.

First Appearance

Arduino Moretti: The oldest of the Moretti Brothers. Is very serious and horribly protective over the welfare of his two other siblings. He feels responsible for them, and though discouraged by the way the bounty hunting life has become filled with magic, he is determined to do right by his family.

Arduino Spoilers »

When Paulo and Graziano decided to help Elmiryn and Nyx free the imprisoned enchantresses, the man grudgingly went along. But doubt was strong in him, and with a little suggestion from Hakeem, Arduino decided to betray their plans in the hopes that telling Belcliff’s marshal would spare his family’s lives. Instead of a guarantee, he was left with a harrowing “maybe”. The last anyone had seen him, the man had been gathering up the bounty hunters for the march to Holzoff’s Tower. He was not with the militia marching to Holzoff’s which Quincy stopped, however.

First Appearance

Karolek: A sorcerer who specializes in manipulating metal. Karolek is a large, robust man. His exact origins are unknown, but he is fairly familiar with Quincy and Jetswick. He tried to capture Nyx, Paulo, and Lethia when the three were escaping Belcliff, but failed when Lethia turned his own magic against him. This was the last anyone had seen him. He was not with the militia marching to Holzoff’s which Quincy stopped.

Karolek Spoilers »

As it turns out, Karolek is the one who introduced Quincy and Hakeem to the bounty hunting life.  

Twelve years ago, when Quincy was approximately 18-years-old and still just an apprenticed wizard, Karolek approached the girl with an offer.  He was hunting the rogue alchemist known as Kollin Endrick Montbrai and wanted help.  The girl agreed (without Hakeem’s knowledge, resulting in the boy going after her).  In the end, it was Hakeem who caught Kollin.  Quincy had inadvertently paralyzed Karolek from the chest down during a dispute, and though she had the option of leaving him for dead, she went as far as to try and find him a healer in the nearest town.  In the end, the young man was left with a portion of the reward, while Quincy and Hakeem took the rest.

Over the years, both Karolek and Quincy resumed their rivalry, but due to a constant exchange of courtesies, such as the one the wizard first did for the sorcerer, they seem to possess a strange hybrid of kinship.

First Appearance

Jetswick: An old, frail looking alchemist that is a little too enamored with alcohol. Cantankerous, cutting, and resentful, Jetswick doesn’t care for anyone’s opinion but his own. His exact origins are unknown, but he is fairly familiar with Quincy and Karolek. He was not with the militia marching to Holzoff’s which Quincy stopped.

First Appearance

Farrel: A halfling who had been serving as a guard at Holzoff’s as a requirement due to a mild violation of Albian law. Lethia Artaud nearly killed the man on accident when she took his memories from him, but when she risked her life to restore him, he felt indebted to her for her compassion–and also to Nyx, who had spared the lives of his comrades. Farrel did not feel any love for Holzoff’s and so had no real hesitation in helping the group to free Syria. He does, however, have a strong moral sense and objects to any unnecessary wrongdoing. He was wary of Nyx, having seen her Mark, but the two were able to work together in the end.

Farrel Spoilers »

After being sucked into Syria’s alter-dimensional portal, Farrel was found in the company of a powerful lust spirit known as Volo.  Whilst in his possession, the halfling was raped and violated, spending half the time under the haze of hallucinogens or unconscious.  It was only after Nyx saved him that the man was finally afforded some clarity, and the truth threatened to tear him apart.  The affair seems to have greatly altered his outlook on life, drowning out that moral man that the cast had first met at Holzoff’s, leaving only a short-sighted, wanton individual incapable of seeing the weight of his actions.

…Of course, all this may also have something to do with Farrel having lost his moral compass upon arrival to the Other Place.  Each person is divided and loses something inherent to who they are once arriving in the alter-dimension.  The halfling had lost his ability to tell right from wrong.

As such, he saw nothing wrong with fleeing during the battle against Tonatiuh.  His whereabouts are still unknown.

First Appearance

Syria: A master enchantress, also known as “Syria of Albias”. Adoptive parent and teacher to Lethia. She lived with the girl in her tower, aiding those with their mental troubles and conducting enchantment related studies.

Syria Spoilers »

Throughout the world she is known as a wise and benign enchantress who aids others. Though this was true throughout her life, Syria confessed that she heard “a voice”. This voice, referred to Syria as, “The voice that speaks to me always,” compelled her to commit atrocious rituals to feed it. The voice told her to bring her “rich souls, people of life” that would bring it closer to revolutionizing the world. She fought against this influence as best she could, but the enchantress was already growing jaded from all the pain and madness she encountered in her life as a mental healer. Her view on the world gradually changed, and she carried out the voice’s commands with a grim attitude, even using Lethia as a puppet to help in her tasks. Her final act of rebellion, she claims, was in allowing herself to be incarcerated by the Albian government–but when Lethia set her free, she decided there were purer things in life that could easily conquer the complex and corrupted institutions so many live in.

Using powers she had kept hidden, the woman opened a portal to another realm…

First Appearance

Marquis:  Marq” for short.  An elf merchant who had a long history of criminal-related troubles.  He often visited the Ailuran villages with his shady goods.  At the village of Tosmai, Nyx was one of his best customers.  He sold her countless books, even pausing in his travels to help the girl practice her Common. 

Marquis Spoilers »

Years later, the man reformed, stopping his criminal behavior in favor of starting a new life.  But then he found Nyx out in the Kreut Forest trying to hang herself, and saved her.  Against her will, the elf nursed her back to health until his past caught up with him.  Killed by the dark paladin known as Winnamer, Marquis sacrificed his life so that Nyx may escape his pursuers and find the new start that he himself had been searching for.

On his chest had been a small tattoo of a lizard…

Lacertli: He is the god of natural order, of survival, of the duality of dreams and the truth hidden in imaginings.  He has many guises:  As a tall lizard-man, as a small lizard, and when cloaked in darkness, as Nyx’s old companion, Marquis.  His self-description is best:  “I am not the Pathfinder.  I am the path; the way; the bridge.  I am not the Weaver.  I am the art; the design; the creation.  I am the dreamwalker and the harmony of Life, the inexorable cycle, the first inhale, and the last exhale.  I am not death, nor birth, nor light, nor dark.  I am the crucible.  I am the Given.  I am the Taken.  I am sacrifice.  I am survival.  I am Lacertli.”

Lacertli Spoilers »

He has taken Nyx to be his champion.

First Appearance

Tristi:  A Legend.  The champion of the goddess, Fortuna.

Tristi Spoilers »

Tristi is…Tristi.  None know how old he is, just what species he is, what his original gender was, or even what world he came from.  Upon meeting him, however, one gets the sense of seamless movement, of a creature so taken by the whims of the world that he cannot help but look at the world in kind.  His attitude towards the value of life seems small, and his self-serving nature is very large in comparison.  He often speaks in circles and seems to go through life by a logic all his own.

Tristi wields a strange power known as “chance magic” which makes direct use of his luck.  It can cause very random results, such as sudden explosions, gender changes, and weapons raining from the sky.

He seems curiously attracted to Nyx, much to her discomfort.  Also is familiar with Quincy, Tobias, and Jack.  As stated by Tristi, he’d once turned a young Quincy into an actual bird using his magic.  When talking about the event, the champion had this to say:

“I thought it was a compliment.  Tobias didn’t seem to think so, if you remember.  He hit me in the mouth.  Hard.  I think that was his specialty.  Hitting things like a rock.  He certainly had the head of one.  Come to think of it, he hit me with that too.”

Nyx currently owes Tristi a favor after losing her unintended bet to him.  The man has chosen to collect at a later date.  He took some of Tonatiuh’s ashes with him before vanishing.  His current whereabouts are unknown.