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My Amazon Author Page – Purchase Eikasia Ebooks here!

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My Independent Author Network Page – A central place to find all my work across various retailers.

My Tumblr Blog – This is where I post my microfiction and other nonsense!

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My Facebook Page
Read the whole story? Loving the characters, the action, the angst, the humor, the magic, and the occasional sexiness? Then hop onto my Facebook page and show some love! Features exclusive polls, Eikasia artwork, and story updates from me!

Akumu Love Panic!
ALP is a horror-romance series inspired by Japanese Anime and extreme Asian cinema. The series follows the struggles of Amaya Alastor, an American trying to adapt to Japanese life, all while fending off insane and murderous spirits.

Kliff’s Edge
Kliff’s Edge is a paranormal mystery series about May Kliff, a freelancer who specializes in solving unusual cases. Together with her brother Max, she takes on challenges most fail to even comprehend.

My Author Blog
Here I talk about my stories, the things that inspire me, and the things that distract me, too.

My DeviantArt
Like some of my art? Curious to see more? Go ahead and check out my DevArt page. It’s a bit inactive nowadays (I’m writing more than drawing) but now and again I upload something new that isn’t Eikasia related (or is it?)

Eikasia’s Youtube Page

Weblit and Webcomics

Web Fiction Guide: A Free Web Fiction Listing

THE ultimate source for free fiction online. If my recommendations don’t do it for you, this site’s vast library of serials, e-books, and complete novels will have what you’re looking for. Read detailed reviews, the latest fiction news, and chat things up with writers and readers in the forum. Awesome site. Look for Eikasia and be sure to drop a rating!

daemonslayers.netA web comic. “Dark and terrible things stalk the blighted southern continent of Caevalonia. Sworn by blood to hunt and destroy these beings are the Daemonslayers, a trio of ill-fated misfits. Thrown together by fate Blackjack, a cursed black dragon, Shade, an Undead werewolf and Soul, an immortal half-fay, must rely on each other despite the vast differences between them. Only mutual trust and their sometimes tenuous friendship can pull them through.
The question is; are these outcasts really capable of turning back this darkness when they’re haunted by shadows of their own making?It’s hard to be a hero when you’re a monster…”


Lor and Jak are two little kitties attending Angel’s Institution, and the perfect students. At least, until they meet two strangers. This doesn’t go over so well.

Stitches is a fantasy/romance, manga-style comic, reading left to right. Features prominent LGBT romance. Stitches updates 2 pages per weekend.


OL468x60link5 A series that blends science fiction and fantasy for young adults.



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NOTE:  You aren’t seeing triple!  The below are 3 different versions of the same ad.  The first two are animated gifs, the last is a static image but still a gif.  Beneath each banner is the individual information.

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160x600 160x600
NOTE: These are skyscraper banners. I know these are usually only used for advertising purposes, but I thought it’d be interesting to post.
Dimensions: 160×600 Size (left): 35 kb  Size (right): 27 kb